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John 13:35: “This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Four charities will benefit from your generosity this year. Trees and wreaths with ornaments will be in the Church beginning July 7th. Please mark your gifts clearly and place them under the trees or in the money box.

ST. BONIFACE SCHOOL: St. Boniface School in Northside stands as a symbol of hope for the poor. Ninety –four percent of the approximately 205 students come from families below the poverty level. St. Boniface Parish, the Archdiocese, CISE and Federal programs help;
but more help is needed.
A RED CIRCLE ORNAMENT is for a gift of cash or check: payable to St. Boniface School.

MARY MAGDALENE HOUSE: Mary Magdalene House is located at 1629 Republic Street in Over-the-Rhine. Its service is
to the poor and homeless in need of a place to shower, change clothes, use the toilet facilities and the phone.
Priority gifts are: gift cards to Walmart or Krogers (so staff can buy needed supplies), underwear for men and women, t-shirts for men and women L, XL & XXL, toilet paper, white socks, washable pants or jeans, thermal tops and bottoms, spray deodorant, shaving cream, bleach and paper towels.
Other needs include: bar soap, shampoo, lotion, tooth brushes, tooth paste, disposable razors, feminine napkins, towels and wash cloths, aftershave or cologne.
A GREEN SQUARE ORNAMENT is for Mary Magdalene House. Please do not wrap the gifts.

TENDER MERCIES: Tender Mercies is located at 27 West 12th Street. It provides housing and related services to homeless
persons with histories of emotional and/or mental disabilities.
The Resident Wish List includes: toiletries, baby powder, body lotion, deodorant, razors, sunscreen, liquid detergent or PODS, paper products (paper towels, paper plates, plastic cups & plastic utensils), basic men’s colored T-shirts- size 2XL and 3XL, packs of women’s basic cotton underwear, especially the larger sizes, and packs of men’s underwear, especially the larger sizes, basic cotton sweatpants, i.e. Hanes- men’s adult- M, LG, XXL, 2XL and 3XL; spray bottles of cleaner- i.e. Spic n Span, disinfectant wipes,small brooms/dustpans,dusters,swiffer packs, airfresheners,sponges,detergent, dishsoap,handsoap,etc. We are also stocking Word Puzzles books, i.e. Seek n Find, large print and flip flops in all sizes (for shower shoes).
The Resident Store Wish List includes: coffee, Vienna sausage, shampoo, pop tarts, chips, detergent, soap, combs and brushes, $5-$10 gift cards for raffles, fast food places and stores.
A BLUE DIAMOND ORNAMENT is for Tender Mercies. Please do not wrap the gifts.

BETHANY HOUSE SERVICES: Bethany House is located at 1841 Fairmont Avenue. It provides housing for homeless and
at-risk families. It also works to provide them with the solutions to achieve housing stability and long-term self-sufficiency.
Wish List includes: Household items (towels, wash clothes, twin sheets, pillows), Kitchen items (towels, dishes, silverware), Personal care products (Toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, disposable razors), diapers (any size) and cleaning supplies.
A YELLOW SQUARE ORNAMENT is for the Bethany House Services. Please do not wrap gifts.

BY 12:00pm ON SUNDAY, JULY 22nd Thank you!!!


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