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Give to God what belongs to God
Nikki Dickson

Give to God what belongs to God

Sunday, October 18, 2020

In today’s gospel, we hear a well know text. St. Matthew uses this text to spotlight Jesus’ ability to reframe arguments and put the focus on important matters. Jesus has had multiple conversations with Pharisees. He has criticized them and other Jewish leaders. Today, we hear an effort on their part to entrap Jesus into saying something that he can be condemned for under the law. The test in their question has to do with the fact that Jesus’ answer could upset different groups and they then could use the answer against him. Jesus carefully crafts his answer by asking them a question about the coin used to pay the tax. After they reply, Jesus says, “Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.” Jesus’ two-part answer is a clever response. He affirms that the money issued from the emperor should pay the tax. It is simply returning the money to its owner. This was a good answer – thoughtful and safe. But Jesus adds a second more challenging answer - the importance of giving to God what belongs to God. This interchange is a great example of how Jesus calls all who listen to His words to focus on important matters. What does “Give to God what belongs to God” mean to you? How does your answer help you live a life inspired by the Gospel? Please take advantage of iVote Catholic material available in the bulletin or online as you prepare to vote in the upcoming general election.


Please join me in praying for and celebrating Deacon Tom’s birthday on October 22nd .


Have a blessed week!

Fr. Len

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