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God invites all his people to the table
Nikki Dickson

God invites all his people to the table

Sunday, October 11, 2020

We hear another parable in today’s reading from St. Matthew’s Gospel. Like the story of the wicked tenants before, this parable is about the kingdom of heaven. The parable of the wedding banquet criticizes Jewish leaders and gives us insights as to how we might enter and remain in the kingdom. The parable is an illustration of Israel’s rejection of God’s promise. Rejected by the people God has called to be his own, God extends the invitation to his Son’s wedding feast to all – Gentiles, foreigners, and even those who do not know God. Throughout our lives God offers many invitations to us to be part of the kingdom and be fed at the His table. How do we respond to God? Jesus tells a second parable within the story of the wedding feast. The wedding garment demonstrates the conversion of heart and mind which is required to enter the kingdom. St. Paul writes that we must “put on” the garment of Christ. This means we are called to repentance and to do good deeds. If we do not act, we will suffer the same fate of those who did not accept the wedding invitation. God invites all his people to the table. There are no distinctions based on economic class or influence; no discrimination based on race or origin; all are welcome. For us to take our place at God’s table, we must first realize God’s vision at our own tables. As we journey to the end of our liturgical year, now is a good time to ponder, over this past year, how have I responded to the invitations God has issued in my life?


Have a blessed week! Fr. Len

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