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How are we exercising mercy and forgiveness?
Nikki Dickson

How are we exercising mercy and forgiveness?

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Today’s readings can be viewed as part two of last week’s passages.  We are presented with more insights about God, the kingdom of heaven, and what is expected of us.  The overwhelming message is that God is all about power, justice, lenience, kindness, and most of all, love.  We are offered endless opportunities to hear and respond to God, but nothing matches God’s efforts to claim us.  God chooses us, sends help on our behalf, and invites us into a reign of love and peace beyond all measure. 

The time we live in is a time of waiting between the planting and the harvest – or in other words – between Jesus’ first coming and his return.  Those of us who follow Jesus are expected to some things.  We are called upon to continue the work of Jesus by spreading the seeds of His kingdom.  We do this when we love our neighbor, when we feed the hungry, when we talk about our faith with others.  In each of these cases, we are planting seeds. 

Our first reading tells us that we are to treat others with leniency and kindness.  The psalm reminds us to forgive.  Forgiving others is a way to plant the seeds of the kingdom.  How are we exercising mercy and forgiveness? 

This weekend our community celebrates with Gina and Matthew Neal as they are Baptized and are fully initiated in the Catholic Church.  I am happy to celebrate this moment with them at the 11 am Mass.  This celebration was postponed due to COVID-19.  I am grateful to Bob Gerth and the others who serve on the RCIA team.  Thank you for all you have done as Gina and Matthew journey to a deeper relationship with God. 

Have a blessed week!  Fr. Len

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