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14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

14th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Each Scripture reading for this weekend identifies someone who was singed by failure and vulnerability, but in each case, they continued to be a guiding light in their communities.  The prophet Ezekiel is sent by God to the people God named as rebels, hard hearted, defiant, and deaf to God’s word.  St. Paul speaks about his experience with the Corinthians.  He faces opposition from those who regard themselves as ‘super apostles’ and who share the word of God for their reputation, and from members of the community who have fallen under their influence.  Finally, in the Gospel passage, Jesus is found to be unacceptable in his own hometown. 

Despite our inability to consistently respond to God’s call with a joyful trust, God continues to reach out to us through messengers who share his word and call us to repentance.  Who are the contemporary prophets in our midst today?   

God sends Ezekiel to prophecy to the people who have become, “hard of face and obstinate of heart.”  When have you experienced these traits in yourself?  How did you allow your heart to become open to God’s love for you and/or your neighbor? 

This weekend we celebrate the 4th of July.  Grateful for our independence we give thanks to God.  May we also consider in our prayer together how we might become a prophet for life and peace. 


Have a blessed week!  Fr. Len

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