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4th Sunday of Advent

Fourth Sunday of Advent


As we enter prayer on this last Sunday of Advent, the message is profound.  The fulfilment of God’s promise is about to take place!  The angel Gabriel announces the birth of a king – “and of his kingdom there will be no end.”

When Mary responds, “May it be done unto me according to your word.” She offers us a challenging model.  One that calls us to trust and cooperate with God.  Mary is often called “the first disciple” because of her response to the angel and her relationship with Christ.  Remember a disciple is one who learns, who studies, and who follows a certain teacher or set of teachings.  To be fully a disciple, a person must not only be a student but also in a relationship with the teacher.  How do you answer the call to discipleship?  How are you cultivating your relationship with Christ?

It is up to us, as disciples of Christ, to catch fire and to bring His light into the world.  We are called to share the light of Christ by our love and actions with those for whom Christmas might not be a feast of Joy but a time struggle or need, a time that stirs painful memories.  We are called to be consumed by Christ so that we can offer loving service for our brothers and sisters. 

Thank you to all who responded by sharing gifts for the needy, and food for the hungry. 

In just a couple days we celebrate Christmas, please note our Christmas Mass schedule and the opportunities to worship throughout the Octave of Christmas.  Due to COVID 19 and for our safety COVID prevention efforts will continue limit seating at Mass.  All attending will be required to wear a mask and practice social distancing.  Masses will be livestreamed, and additional seating will be available in Trinity Hall and St. Bernadette Annex.  

Have a blessed Christmas!  Fr. Len

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