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5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Jesus in St. Mark’s Gospel shows that He is uncomfortable with the growing fame that follows Him.  He clearly values time away to be alone and pray. This time is often cut short by the needs of those around Him.  Jesus works miracles not out of any need of His own recognition but rather out of an extraordinary sense of compassion. He has a deep love for His brothers and sisters, especially those in crisis or pain.  Jesus’ compassion for the people who come to Him breaks down stereotypes and defenses that divide, segregate, and marginalize people; His ministry is not only to restore bodies to health but to restore spirits to wholeness.

In our first reading, we hear the words of Job who is suffering. His plight is well-known. He lost his children, servants, and livestock. He suffers with sores from head to toe. Throughout all his suffering Job remains faithful. There is suffering and evil in our world, but at the same time Jesus is present, who desires to be with us in illness and sorrow, and to restore us to complete joy and fullness of life. 


As Jesus arises early and goes off “to a deserted place” to pray.  Where and when do you find silence and solitude to be with God?  God’s deepest desire is that we know how fully we are loved.

Have a blessed week!  Fr. Len

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