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Divine Mercy Sunday

April 11, 2021

Divine Mercy Sunday

This weekend’s Gospel takes us to the upper room, where we find the disciples of Jesus huddled in fear.  Remember that just a few days earlier, this same group was happily dreaming of their role in the new kingdom of Jesus.  All their hopes seemed to be lost.  It is as if they were criminals running for their lives. 

Suddenly, Jesus is with them.  His first words to them are like a comforting balm: “Peace be with you.”  We can breathe easier as Jesus speaks these words.  Our faith reassures us that when we are numbed with anxiety and fear the Lord is with us. 

The other message in today’s Gospel is one of mercy and forgiveness.  St. John addresses the place of doubt in the life of faith.  Thomas is a source of encouragement for believers of all ages; he was a person who questioned and was reluctant to profess his faith without proof.  He moved with Jesus’ care from doubt to firm belief.  Thomas was called to a faith that did not demand proof.  Like each of us, Thomas accepted Jesus’ challenge: “Believe.”  May our profession of faith mirror Thomas’s: “My Lord and My God.” 

How does the truth of the risen Lord affect your life?  If we truly believe that Jesus lives and breathes and moves among us, how might that impact the way we live, breathe, and move in the world?  Might we be kinder?  Might we be humbler?  Might we more readily embrace the needs of the poor?

Thank you to everyone who assist with our Holy Week and Easter celebrations.  Thank you to all who provided food for Easter meals.  Thank you to all who contributed to and assembled our Bags of Compassion. 

May the Lord provide you with mercy and peace this week!     Fr. Len

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