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Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


This weekend’s Gospel lifts for us an important theme: discerning what is most essential.  Jesus directs the apostles to take on a challenging mission.  He sends them to unknown territories with only a walking stick and a fellow apostle.  They are equipped with only the essentials.  Nevertheless, they are successful in preaching repentance, driving out demons, and healing the sick.  The apostles discover the only necessity for carrying out their mission is their relationship with Jesus, and the fellowship of another apostle. 

We are called, like the apostles, to ministry, to teach, and preach the good news.  However, oftentimes we feel we do not have the right knowledge, so we count on others to do this.  We may feel that we need a better understanding gained through a certificate for ministry, or a class on the catechism, or scripture study.  All these resources help and are important tools, but often they give us an easy excuse for why we are not sharing the good news or engaging in a parish ministry.  The work of sharing the good news is essential ministry today.    

This coming week, please take time to reflect on the essentials in your life.  How do you intentionally foster your relationship with the Lord and fellow parishioners?  Instead of worrying whether it is the right moment or about acquiring more ‘stuff,’ let us all grow in trust that the Lord who calls us will provide everything we need to complete the work He has given us.  Please consider how you proclaim the good news and how you might serve our parish community. 

Have a blessed week!  Fr. Len

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