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First Sunday of Advent

November 28, 2021

First Sunday of Advent


We begin a new liturgical season today: Advent a time of waiting in hope.

In our first reading from the prophet Jeremiah, his prophesy offers a divine promise. A promise of hope for the arrival of a future leader who will be just and bring safety and security to God’s chosen people. This promise came at a remarkable time. The Babylonians had seized control of the kingdom, some citizens had already been deported. Judah was falling. Eleven years later the kingdom would not exist, Jerusalem and the temple would be leveled. It is at this moment that Jeremiah urges hope for the future. The days are coming when God will rebuild this people through a royal son of David. The people will be restored to what is right and just in the land. The prophet called for trust in God who would come into their history to set things right, restore relationships and to save a people who were dying. 

Today, we might experience dark days, for various reasons: illness or old age, economic struggles, weakened or broken relationships. Our Gospel is full of signs of hope that have to do with the return of Jesus Christ from heaven. We open our eyes during Advent to the signs of God’s love and movement in our lives. We are called to be watchful, faithful and be attentive for the light of Christ shines forever in our lives.

How can we prepare our hearts for the coming of God’s Kingdom where people of all backgrounds are united in love?

Have a blessed Advent Season! Fr. Len

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