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June 12, 2022

The Most Holy Trinity

Feast of the Holy Trinity

In the Book of Proverbs wisdom is sometimes described as a person, especially a woman.  Wisdom acts tirelessly to lead people away from foolishness and sin.  Today, wisdom is pictured as a person who was with God before creation and helped God create the world.  This reading gives us a hint of things that were yet to be revealed. 

We will never fully comprehend the mystery of the Trinity.  It can be summed up as a mystery of love.  An intense, divine, unflinching love that unites three persons.  It is a love that existed before creation and a love that will exist forever.  This love, which is beyond our comprehension, reaches out to us.  This mysterious love of God calls for our response. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Our Lady of Lourdes for the care you have extended to me during the time I have served as your pastor.  It has not always been an easy journey, especially during the time of COVID restrictions and the fact that I also pastor Holy Family in Price Hill.  I have taken care to be present with those in need, especially the sick and bereaved, to celebrate the sacraments with you.  I have worked to create a safe and healthy environment for the most vulnerable.  Through your generosity, we have helped the needy in our community and the world, especially refugees.  I worked to be present to our school children.  Forgive me if you feel I have offended you or your family.  It was not my intention to do so.  I work hard to live the Gospel as Jesus calls us to do.  May God continue to bless Our Lady of Lourdes parish. 

Thank you to all who assisted with the care of the relics of St. Bernadette while they were here at Lourdes.  The opportunity to pray and reflect on God’s love for us during this time was rich with grace.

Please turn now to the letter from Fr. Matt Robben that outlines what to expect in the coming weeks as he begins his service as pastor at Lourdes.  I will hold all in my prayers during this time of transition and ask that you do the same for the priests of the archdiocese. 

Have a blessed week!  Fr. Len

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