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Palm Sunday

March 28, 2021

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

“Were you there when they crucified my Lord?”

This year we read St. Mark’s Passion.  It is a straightforward account of the final hours of Jesus’ life, from his anointing in Bethany to his entombment.  We listen to the Passion to set the stage for Holy Week.  Lent has brought us through 40 days to the core mysteries of our faith, where the full cost of discipleship is revealed.  This is the way of the cross.

Our share in the suffering of Christ will likely be neither public nor dramatic.  It will be done in our daily struggles to be true to our principles and faithful to our promises.  For those who live to an old age, there will be no lack of sacrifice and pain to join to the suffering of so many in our world.  These are the many who give themselves to their families and communities fulfilling their responsibilities and bearing the basic obligations that hold life together for everyone.

Some of the most difficult suffering is barely visible but contributes to the network of love that defines us.  Being with Christ is not just imitating his love but loving him when he is hidden in those who seem unlovable, distant, and different, the least of our brothers and sisters. 

We are invited once again, as we listen to the Passion, to review our own place in that work which makes us the church in today’s world.  How are we witnesses to Christ and advocates for all those in need?  Our solidarity in suffering becomes our shared resurrection. 

Have a blessed Holy Week!  Please join the community in prayer this week.  Fr. Len

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