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Third Sunday of Easter

April 18, 2021

3rd Sunday of Easter

Easter is God’s invitation that we all become what we are meant to be in and through the encounter with the risen Christ. Every saint will tell us that this process involves confusion and frightening realizations that nudge us beyond safe boundaries and easy creeds.  They will also tell us that the peace we find is worth any cost.

Today, in the reading from Acts of the Apostles, we meet the new Peter: he is a witness.  As a prophet to the people, he demands that they accept their responsibility for crucifying Jesus.  As an evangelist, he has become a preacher and an agent of forgiveness.  He is willing to risk his own life for the message that has now captivated him.  The people who encountered him say he has become what he was always meant to be.

St. Luke in today’s Gospel provide an account of the disciples meeting the risen Jesus which opened their minds to understand what previously they had been unwilling or unable to grasp.  Their self-interested ideas of Jesus as Lord or Messiah all fell apart with the Passion.  Jesus enters this moment with great care and mercy when he says: “Peace be with you.”  Do not overlook the profound confusion and powerful mercy of Jesus that led to the disciples’ transformation.

Jesus tells the disciples that they are “witnesses” of the good news to be spread to the nations of his life, death, and resurrection.  Who are the witnesses in your life who have brought you to a deeper faith in Christ?  How are you becoming what you are meant to be as a Christian?

Have a blessed week!      Fr. Len

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