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Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


Today’s Gospel offers a reminder to not make sweeping judgements about a group of people.  The scribe in this week’s Gospel is very different from the truth-seeking scribe in last week’s Gospel.  Jesus warns his followers to be aware of those who are preoccupied with their own status and being recognized publicly as people of moral substance.  They parade outwardly what they believe to be their religious superiority.  Their hunger for power and wealth causes them to take from those who have less.  If our intent is to follow Jesus, we must keep our hearts (our whole being) centered on humble service of God and neighbor.  Be wary of the temptations that come with positions of honor. 

The first reading and the Gospel direct our attention to the generosity of destitute widows.  In the reading from the First Book of Kings, a widow makes the prophet Elijah a cake from her last bit of oil and flour.  In the Gospel, Jesus lifts up the sacrifice – the giving of ‘a few cents’ in the Temple treasury.  Although these two women have very little, they give freely of what they have. 

How do you strive to be charitable and generous? 

This month we lift those who have died in our prayers.  Join me in praying that the souls of the faithful departed may rest in peace. 

Fr. Len

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