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Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

September 5, 2021

Twenty – Third Sunday in Ordinary Time


Immediately, the man’s ears were opened.  Jesus commands, “Ephphatha!” – that is, ‘Be Opened.’  We see in today’s Gospel the effectiveness of God’s word at work.  We learn how a man who was limited in both hearing and speech benefited from Jesus’ authority over sickness and health.  With open ears and a freed tongue, the man speaks plainly.  Here is a model of discipleship.  Recall at our own baptism how the minister of the sacrament touches our ears and our mouth that we might profess faith in Jesus Christ and live as his disciple. 

The prophet Isaiah speaks of God’s desire and intention to heal every ill.  Where are you in need of healing?  We are also hear God instruct Isaiah, “Say to those whose hearts are frightened: Be strong, fear not!” 

St. James in the second reading asks the early Christian community to examine their habit of treating the rich and the poor differently.  He points to God’s habit of choosing, “those who are poor in the world” as the ones who are “to be rich in faith and heirs to the kingdom.” 

The greatest collaborators in salvation history are the vulnerable and the powerless.  Notice how God called David, a lowly shepherd boy, the youngest of seven brothers, to be king of Israel.  Or Mary, a young peasant woman who bears the Son of God to the world. 

We might make this our prayer, that in everything our Lord might open our senses to find him and serve him in all those we meet. 

Join me in prayer for those who labor; those who seek employment; those are the victims of violence and natural disasters.  May you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. 

Have a blessed week!  Fr. Len

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