Worship Aids and Guidelines

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Wearing a Mask during Mass




 Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Plan for Public Worship

May 30, 2020

  • Funeral Masses and Memorial Masses may be scheduled by contacting the Parish Office.  Attendance will follow the guidelines listed below, accommodating worshippers up to 50% of the church capacity.  Visitations may be held in Gathering Space, limiting people to 50 people.
  • The Catholic faithful who reside in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and all other Catholics in the archdiocese continue to be dispensed from the obligation of attending Sunday Mass.  Thus, those who wish to participate in Mass and receive Holy Communion can do so by attending any Mass any day of the week.  Those who are at risk or concerned that they or their family might become sick or infect others are encouraged to stay home and join the Church by viewing live-streamed Masses.  Arrangements for Holy Communion for those unable to attend Mass can be made by contacting the Parish Office.

The following practices will be in place for the foreseeable future.  Everyone’s health and safety are of the utmost importance.  

  • Entry into the church will be limited to the doors to the Gathering Space.
  • We ask all worshipers to wear a face mask while they are in church.  A limited number of masks will be available for those who need one.  
  • Ushers will offer guidance to those entering church.  Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance if needed.
  • The number of worshipers will be limited to 50% of the posted capacity of the church.  The Cry Room will be closed.  Parents with young children are welcome to use the Gathering Space. 
  • Please bring your Breaking Bread book if you have picked one up earlier in the year as none are available in the church.  
  • Worshipers will be asked to sit in designated areas in order to create safe distances.  Families and others who live in the same household may sit close to each other.  Otherwise, please maintain a safe distance.  The seating area behind the altar will be available, if necessary.  
  • We will limit the number of liturgical ministers (Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Music Ministers (choir) and Servers).  Ministers are asked to sign in at the designated place in the Gathering Space.  
  • Please place your offertory gift (collection envelope) in the designated collection baskets as you enter the church.  Ask an usher if you need assistance.  
  • The hosts will be set out on plates and placed on the altar prior to the beginning of Mass.  The chalice will also be placed on the altar prior to Mass.  There will be no offertory procession.  
  • Please do not have physical contact at the Our Father or the Sign of Peace (except for those in the same household).
  • We will distribute Holy Communion in the main aisle and on the two side aisles.  A Eucharistic Minister will bring communion to those who are unable to walk forward.  Please maintain a safe distance between each other as you come forward for communion.  Please receive Holy Communion in your hand.  We will not distribute the Precious Blood from the chalice.  Extraordinary Ministers will wear face masks as they distribute communion and use hand sanitizer prior to and after the distribution of communion.  
  • Please pick up bulletins and other materials to take home in the Gathering Space.  
  • We will clean the church between Masses.
  • We will regularly review and update these practices and procedures.