Pastoral Plan

Front door Lourdes school

Pastoral Plan Update – January 2020

Parish Pastoral Council has reviewed your input and the suggestions you submitted through the
“Be My Witness” surveys. Council has approved the recommendations of the Pastoral Planning team

for three initial areas of focus and goals.

Building a Stronger Faith Family.

You indicated a desire for a greater sense of welcoming and belonging in the parish, along with the need for community building and increased opportunities for engagement for people of all ages.

Goals include:

  • Establishing a Welcoming and Hospitality ministry.

  • Developing community events and activity programs.

  • Continued growth of small faith-sharing groups.

Improving the Community Worship Experience.

You told us how important communal prayer is for your spiritual growth in deepening your relationship with Jesus Christ. Your encounter with Christ strengthens you for the coming week.

Goals include:

  • Create a worship environment that enhances our sense of community.

  • Increase active and conscious participation in the Mass.

  • Instill the spirit of welcoming family, friends and visitors before, during and after Mass.

Answering the Call to Active Service.

In each survey, you were steadfast in your stated desire to increase the parish’s outreach efforts through direct and active service programs, separate and beyond charitable gifts of treasure.

Goals include:

  • Establish a Social Action committee to organize service and missionary outreach activities.

  • Identify areas where we currently serve people in need and investigate opportunities for additional outreach.

  • Through defined programs, increase involvement of parishioners as individuals and families.

What’s next?

Detailed implementation plans and programs to meet the goals are being defined and will be shared with the parish in the coming weeks.